Having a business strategy is important, but at Market Alignment we understand that a strategy is no use if you don't know how to implement it. 

We do strategy differently here. We spend time with you; to understand what business challenges you are trying to overcome, what new opportunities you want to address and, most importantly, what the capabilities of your business really are. 

Then we craft a strategy AND the tactics you need to deliver on it. After that, we work alongside you to make it part of your everyday business model; optimizing as we go and building confidence in your ability to execute. 

Lots of companies talk strategy as if a plan is all you need to be successful. Market Alignment uniquely understands that it's in the execution that the magic really happens. 

"Chris can more quickly deduce and correct business alignment problems than nearly any other executive I know. His intellect and professionalism combine to deliver candid assessments of client situations. But lots of consultants can do that. What separates Chris from the rest is that he has the skills to correct those problems whether as the leader of a team or by rolling up his sleeves and doing the work himself.

-Jim Foxworthy, President, Pragmatic Marketing